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Welcome to Central Coast calmbirth®

Central Coast calmbirth® offers pregnancy and childbirth education classes, giving pregnant women and birthing partners the opportunity to develop simple techniques allowing mothers to birth their babies as calmly, and as joyfully as possible.

The calmbirth® program was developed by midwife, Peter Jackson, to eliminate fear, anxiety and tension which many women experience during pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

It is perfect for first time Mums and Partners, as well as those who have had a previous birth experience. It is also ideal for Mothers who are having their next birth after a caesarean section or a VBAC, vaginal birth after caesarean.

Women and their partners will gain confidence and excitement around their birth, and be able to utilise the practical skills of relaxation, breathing and visualisation.

Life begins with the kind of pregnancy and birth that takes advantage of the fact that pregnancy, labour and birth are normal and natural life events.

It is our goal to build confidence, understanding, and fearlessness surrounding childbirth in all participants and to provide education and learning to anyone who is learning to anyone who is open to the idea of having a calm birth.

The Central Coast calmbirth® logo was designed to not only reflect the incredible journey of pregnancy and birth, but it also recognises my love of the beautiful area I live in, the Central Coast of NSW.

The vibrant orange colour incorporates the newness of life which is reflected in the sunrise each day as well as representing the second chakra, the Sacral Chakra, situated in the lower part of the abdomen of the body. The Sacral Chakra controls the reproductive organs, in particular the uterus of a woman, and is associated with emotions, self respect and an outlook on life.

The turquoise blue waves were incorporated to represent the powerful waves of labour and are connected with the Throat Chakra, the fifth chakra, which is located at the base of the throat. This chakra is associated with self expression and communication. Communication, just like the ocean, has a rhythmic activity, and allows one the ability to communicate through listening to intuition and giving one the ability to verbally express themself.

I welcome you to take some time out of your busy lives to connect with the rhythm of life and offer you the opportunity to focus on each other, your baby and your approaching birth with Central Coast calmbirth®.

Thank you to Tracy Beveridge Photography for doing such an amazing job with the photography

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